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Welcome, I'm happy your'e here!

You’re here because you’re hurting, navigating through the complexities of relationships, the pressures of work and life, and the challenges of understanding who you are and your place in the world. Your experiences as a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color over 30, especially if you’re a man, carry with them unique pressures and traumas, from childhood and beyond. Perhaps these have left you feeling disconnected, undervalued, or struggling to find fulfillment. You might even feel trapped in a cycle of isolation and helplessness.

Your pain is valid, but it doesn’t have to be your endpoint. If you’re feeling stuck, know that there’s a way through.

Reclaiming your power and voice starts with a single step. Are you ready to take it?

Reach out, and let’s talk about what living the life you truly deserve looks like for you.

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Tracy A. Long, MS, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH, EMDR Trained​

Owner|Psychotherapist|Certified Mindfulness Meditation Coach

Hey there! I’m Tracy

As a black trauma therapist, I know first-hand the courage it takes to seek help. My own journey began with a failed attempt at counseling, discouraging me for years. Fortunately, my second attempt changed everything. Connecting with a Black therapist who truly listened renewed my faith in this profession and fueled a life-changing realization of purpose. I became committed to offering expert care in childhood trauma, relationship challenges, race-based trauma, and mindfulness meditation for Black and Brown men over 30. By starting my private practice, I strive to break down the barriers of stigma, time constraints, and cultural misunderstandings that too often prevent men from getting the support they need. You are allowed to reach out for help without judgment, and I’m here to offer an understanding, safe space where your experiences are respected, your time is valued, and your healing journey is our number one priority. 

You’ve already done the hardest part, which was getting here. Why not the next step?

I provide what

Psychotherapy and Wellness Services

Individual Therapy

A one-on-one experience that will lead you to greater self acceptance and confidence.

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Group Therapy

A multi-person group experience where members with similar issues assist each other to develop useful skills and behaviors.

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Mindfulness Meditation Coaching

It is a personalized approach to mindfulness practice, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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Childhood & Sexual Abuse Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event can harm a person’s sense of safety, sense of self, and ability to regulate emotions and navigate relationships.
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Race-Based Trauma

Refers to the mental and emotional injury caused by encounters with racial bias and ethnic discrimination, racism, and hate crimes.

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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a structured therapy that encourages the patient to briefly focus on the trauma memory

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Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness involves the focused attention to one’s experiences in the present moment, without judgment.

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Men's Issues

Challenges and unique experiences that men face in their daily lives.

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Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy allows us to connect anywhere with secure and convenient appointments that save you time and hassle. 

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What clients have to say

“I appreciated all you did for me and how you opened my eyes to my individualism and made me realize I am my own person, not to take blame for everything. That was a huge part of it.” AF

“I best thing I could’ve done for my mental health was start therapy. I was lucky enough to find Mrs. Tracy Long. I have loved every session and look forward to the continued progress I will be making in life journey.”

“The counseling that I’ve received has helped tremendously. I have a better understanding of myself and why I behave the way I do. I feel the person I am today is the person I’ve always been but without the constant negative self-talk. I’d recommend Tracy to anyone.”

“Tracy has been and continues to be a great source of support and encouragement in my life. She listens well and poses thought-provoking questions that aid in my ability to express how I feel better. I truly believe she’s the best therapist for me!” -KM

“Thank you so much for everything! You have helped me so much. I don’t know how I could have gone through this without you!” AD

 “You are an awesome person Tracy and it has been an honor to have you as a counselor.” CA

“Thank you so much Tracy! It really means a lot. It’s been a pleasure having you as my counselor.” CM

“The journal prompt you provided has been a huge help by the way!” JW

“Thank you for making me feel comfortable, I enjoyed speaking with you.” AF

Ready for your transformation?

my fees

Pricing Options

Initial Intake Appointment: $200 (90-minute session)

Individual Therapy: $175 (50-minute session)*

Group Therapy: $50 (90-minute session)

Mindfulness Meditation Coaching: Prices vary


*Discounts are available by purchasing 1 of 4 Individual Therapy Session Packages. Note: All Packages are Non-refundable, transferrable, and valid for 6 months.


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Therapy Insight, Tips & Tools

My hope is to enlighten, encourage, and uplift the BIPOC community through light-hearted informative articles with actionable steps. ~Tracy

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How We Can Navigate Your Healing Journey Together

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Healing Childhood Trauma in BIPOC Communities

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