virtual and in-person trauma and emdr therapy throughout texas


Getting started

Tips for Sucess

  • We recommend joining the video appointment a few minutes early to test your settings.
  • If you can connect to the Internet, but are having trouble joining the video appointment, we recommend testing your internet connection. 
  • To use a smartphone to join a video chat, you must first download the Telehealth by SimplePractice app – available in the app store for iOS or Android.
  • If you need to cancel or have questions about the appointment, please contact me.
  • You can choose the layout option that works best for you. These options are:
    • Switching between Speaker and Grid View
      • The Speaker View gives you a full focus view of the active speaker, and the Grid View gives you an equal view of all participants side-by-side. Click Grid/Speaker View to switch views.
  • Identifying the active speaker
    • You can easily identify which participant is currently speaking by which window is highlighted in yellow in Grid View, or which participant is pinned in Speaker View.
  • Pinning a participant
    • You can pin any participant, regardless of who’s currently speaking.
    • To pin a participant, hover over their video stream and click Pin Video.
    • To unpin a participant, click the blue Unpin video icon.

Hiding your self view

  • You can hide your self view by clicking Hide self view in the upper right. Other participants can still see you if you hide your self view.
  • To show your self view again, click Show self view.

Hide participants in the side panel

  • You can hide other participants to focus on the active speaker by clicking Hide/Show participants in the upper right.