Individual Therapy: $175/50-minute session (limited number of reduced fee slots)

Group Therapy: $50/90-minute session

Mindfulness Meditation Practice/Workshop: (cost will vary)

Individual Therapy

Enhance your ability to manage feelings, thoughts, and experiences: A one-on-one experience that will lead you to greater self-acceptance and confidence.

Mindfulness Meditation Practice/ Workshop

Increase your awareness of moment-to-moment experiences without judgment:

An individual or multi-person group experience to lead you to have a more deepened insight into your essence of the qualities of compassion, acceptance, non-judgment, and kindness.

Group Therapy

Enhance your ability to reduce stress, and promote growth and wellness:

A multi-person group experience builds a sense of community where members with similar issues assist each other to develop useful skills and behaviors they can transfer to everyday life and work.

Current Offerings


Navigating Anxiety: The Pandemic Aftermath

This group will serve as a holding space for BIPOC folx to share their anxiety-related experiences associated with the pandemic, ask questions, hear from other members who may have gone through similar experiences, and learn ways to better manage their anxiety.

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