virtual and in-person trauma and emdr therapy throughout texas


Struggle to Unwind at Night?

Unlock the secrets of deep relaxation and rejuvenating sleep with a Daily Unwind Routine Challenge!

Perfect for driven men of color looking to enhance recovery and boost next-day productivity.

Investing in therapy prioritizes mental health, enhancing overall well-being and happiness for long-term fulfillment and satisfaction.

Initial Intake Appointment: $225 (90-minute session)

Individual Mini Therapy: $85 (30-minute session)

Ideal for clients who:

  • have busy schedules
  • could benefit from a quick tune-up
  • single issue/concern
  • have tight budget
  • would like consistency without the intensity
  • would like to give therapy a try & don’t want to break the bank

Individual Therapy: $200 (60-minute session)*

  • Enhance your ability to manage feelings, thoughts, and experiences.
  • A one-on-one experience that will lead you to greater self-acceptance and confidence.

*Save by purchasing 1 of 4 Individual Therapy Session Packages.

Group Therapy: $50 (90-minute session)

  • Enhance your ability to reduce stress, and promote growth, and wellness.
  • A multi-person group experience to builds a sense of community where members with similar issues assist each other to develop useful skills and behaviors they can transfer to everyday life and work.

Mindfulness Meditation Coaching: Prices vary

Ideal for clients who:

  • live anywhere, within or outside of Texas
  • emotionally stable/not in crisis
  • in individual therapy
  • successfully discharged therapy
  • interested in/curious about meditation

Disclaimer: Meditation Practice as a Complementary Tool, not a Replacement for Prescribed Medication or Therapy by a Licensed Professional.

Health Insurance:

In Network

I am in-network with the following:

  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Optum EAP


Want to work with me, but I don’t take your insurance? No problem!

For all other insurances, you may have out-of-network benefits, which means that insurance will reimburse you for a portion of our session cost, possibly 50% or more for each session. I have partnered with Thrizer to handle the out-of-network process automatically for you. Check your out-of-network benefits with Thrizer