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Learn To Be Mindful AF: An Interactive Mindfulness Workbook


Take a sneak peek into the power of mindfulness with our Mindfulness Workbook. It’s designed to give you a taste of how mindfulness can transform your life. Although we can’t dive deep into every action or disorder in this book, consider it your starting point to bring awareness into your world. So keep that in mind while flipping through the pages.

Life can feel overwhelming. Your mind races with anxious thoughts. Negativity clouds your days. But what if you could change all this? What if you could take control and find inner calm. Look no further than Learn to Be Mindful AF: An Interactive Mindfulness Workbook! This workbook has 15 Chapters, Part I: Mindfulness Actions and Part II: Mindfulness & Disorders, journal reflection prompts that you can type directly into the workbook, as well as audio guided mediations. Learn to Be Mindful AF is perfect for anyone who wants to develop new coping skills, improve their mood, and reduce stress and anxiety - all without breaking the bank.


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